In this guide you will learn how to connect your Ecommerce to Synder. Once you finish your settings, the app will start receiving your transactions and import data with all the details into QuickBooks or Xero.

To connect Ecwid to Synder follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch Synder app from Ecwid Appstore

1. Navigate to Ecwid 
2. Click Apps on the left menu
3. Select Synder

Ecwid Appstore to launch Synder app

Step 2: Connect your accounting system

Select any accounting platform available and use your credentials to connect, it is all that is needed for connection. Grant the connection and you will be redirected back to the app.

1. QuickBooks Online
2. Xero
3. QuickBooks Desktop

how to connect your accounting system to Synder

Step 3: Connect your payment platform

Select from the dropdown the payment platform you use in your Ecwid store to process payments (you can find it in “Payment” left hand side tab in your store)  and hit Connect. You will be redirected to your payment platform homepage where you will have to authorize Synder to process your transactions. After that you will be redirected back to the app.
Note: if you have several platforms connect them one after one.

Connect your payment platform

Step 4: Choose set-up settings

You can select between Standard and Step-by-Step setup, we recommend to go with “I am OK to start” option and get back to the settings after that if needed.

Choose set-up settings

Synder is getting data from your Payment Platform and automatically synchronizes your transactions with your QuickBooks (Online/Desktop) or Xero.

New transactions will appear on the list automatically with the status Not synced (which means they are not in your accounting yet), only one will be synchronized automatically (with status Synced). You will add up more, learn how in this guide

New transactions will appear on the list automatically

Your setup is finished!


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