Synder is an accounting automation tool that will record all the Pin Payments transactions in your accounting company and prepare everything for smooth reconciliation. Learn more about Pin Payments QuickBooks integration.

Synder will put all the sales and fees to the clearing account first (Pin Payments Bank Account in your Chart of Accounts) and once actual Pin Payments transfers the money to the bank Synder records a transfer from the clearing account to your checking for the same amount for easy reconciliation. This flow reflects the real money movement.


  1. Connect QuickBooks Online to Synder

  2. Connect Pin Payments to Synder

  3. One-click setup (preferred)

  4. Advanced setup: detailed overview of the synchronization settings

To find and connect Synder go to Apps tab in your QuickBooks and type in Synder is the search field ->  Get app now.
Alternatively you can find it on Synder website and click Try Synder free to create a free account in the app and test its functionality.

Connect QuickBooks Online to Synder

If this is your first integration with Synder you would need to connect your QuickBooks company first, select the provider needed (QuickBooks) and use your credentials to grant the connection. Once the connection is done you will be redirected to step 2 for connection of the payment processor. 

Connect Pin Payments to Synder

Now you are on the step 2 where you can Connect payment platform.  If you already have your accounting company connected and you want to access this page follow the steps below:

1. Please click on the plus icon
2. Choose Payment Platform
3. Select the payment processor needed in the drop-down menu

1 – Once you selected Pin Payments you will see additional fields needed for connection appearing.
2 – Type in the name of your business
3 – Enter the secret API key from your Pin Payments. Click the link Live API key (Secret)* to open the page needed in Pin Payments, copy the live secret key from there and paste it to the app. Find out how to get your Pin Payments API Key.
4 – Click Connect. If you’re not the admin of the Pin Payments account, request access from the person in charge: instead of Connect click Invite the account owner (admin).

Note: If you have several QuickBooks companies connected to Synder, the app will ask you which accounting company you would like to sync this Pin Payments’s transactions to. Choose the appropriate one in the dropdown and click Next.

One-click setup (preferred): start syncing your Pin Payments transactions to QuickBooks right away

Now you have an option to go for the quick set-up option. 

1 – I’m ok to start  – Most of the users prefer this set of configurations for syncing their online transactions. You can adjust the most important ones right in this tab and click I’m ok to start and return to settings after if that will be needed.

The app will create a “Pin Payments Bank Account” in your QuickBooks Online, it is a clearing account to store all your sales and fees in one place. Once the Pin Payments transfers the money to the bank, Synder will also record a transfer from the clearing account to your checking account in your QuickBooks Online for easy reconciliation. Make sure you enabled Payouts and specified there your checking account, then the app will do the bookkeeping for you in full.

2 – Go-step-by-step – You can choose Go-step-by-step and go through detailed configuration. See the next chapter for more details.

Pin Payments Xero Integration - choose Go-step-by-step and go through detailed configuration

 After clicking I’m ok to start you will see the list of your 10 most recent transactions from Pin Payments in the Synder Transactions tab. One transaction has been synced automatically for you. You can select more transactions and synchronize them to QuickBooks Online. You can check the sync log available for any synced transaction by clicking Show details (2).

Synder Integration - check the sync log available for any synced transaction by clicking Show details

That is it, now you can synchronize your Pin Payments transactions into QuickBooks Online!

Advanced setup: detailed overview of the synchronization settings

If you choose to set up Synder step by step, the configuration will be a bit more detailed. However do not worry about configuring something incorrectly at this point: you will always be able to go to the Synder settings and adjust any of them at any time.

1. Sales settings

1 – In the Sales settings you are to set the account in QuickBooks your online transactions will be stored in. The already preselected Pin Payments Bank account (1)  is a clearing account automatically created by Synder in your QuickBooks company for storing all of your Pin Payments transactions in one place. This way the app will work correctly, so we highly recommend using it. PinPayment will be selected as your default payment method (2)

In the Advanced settings you also have an option to enable QBO numbers for all your transactions (1

Also, the option to apply a default customer to all of your transactions (2) if you do not want each and every customer name from Pin Payments to go to your QuickBooks online.

2 – set the switcher to On

3 – select the Default customer name from the list of your QuickBooks Online customers in the dropdown. 

2. Product settings     

1 – if Generic product set to No – Synder transfers over to your QuickBooks Online each product name from Pin Payments, if the product name is  missing in your QuickBooks Online the app will create them according to the settings.

*Default name will be used only if the product name is missing.

 If Generic product is set to Yes – the app will replace any item name coming from Pin Payments with generic product name available in the dropdown, so all sales in your QuickBooks Online will have only this exact product inside.

2 – Click on advanced settings to see more options

3 –  Choose the type of product (3) that will be applied for new products only. That new product (in case of transferring individual names) will be associated with selected income category from QuickBooks Online Chart of Accounts (4).

selected income category from Xero Chart of Accounts

3. Tax settings 

You can choose to apply or not apply taxes to your Pin Payments transactions.

If this setting in On, Synder will recognize all of the tax data within your transaction and sync it to QuickBooks Online properly.

If the setting is Off, Synder will put the tax amount as another product line to the transactions.

4. Fee settings 

1 – Your Pin Payments transactions fees will be deposited by our app to the Pin Payments Bank Account – the one that is selected for syncing your sales transactions.

2 – You can select the preferred name of the Vendor, e.g. Pin Payments or any other from the dropdown.

3 –  and the Fee line Category these charges will go to a certain category to you QuickBooks Online.

5. Payouts settings

1 – If this feature is On – reconciliation process will be quick and smooth for you. Once Pin Payments makes a money Transfer to your actual bank account, Synder creates the record of this payout in your QuickBooks Online, which will match up properly with bank feeds deposit from your bank.

* If the feature is Off, the app will ignore Pin Payment payouts and you are to account for them manually.

2 – Make sure you select the Checking account in the dropdown, so that QuickBooks Online could match up the transactions in the bank feed properly for you.

select the Checking account in the dropdown, so that Xero could match up the transactions in the bank feed properly for you

6. General settings

1 –  Synchronize automatically ongoing transactions feature allows to automate synchronizations process. Once it is On any ongoing transaction in Pin Payments will be synced to QuickBooks Onlinewithin 1 hour, and there is no need to even open the app.

If it is Off – then you are to do the synchronization manually (which can be useful while you are testing the app).

2Apply payments to unpaid Invoice/Bill transactions – when “ON”, once the system encounters a payment that matches an unpaid invoice, it will be automatically applied to it.

3Skip synchronization for duplicated transactions – when “ON”, transactions that already exist in your QuickBooks Online company will not be synced again.

4 – Skip synchronization for the transactions in a foreighn currency – when “ON”, the app will sync only transactions in your home currency.

In advance Settings you can find option to apply locations to your transactions (5)


Your account is set and ready to synchronize your Pin Payments transactions to QuickBooks Online. You will now see the list of the 10 most recent Pin Payments transactions from your account in the Transactions tab in Synder. Select them in bulk and click Sync – that’s all you have left to do.

synchronize your Pin Payments transactions to Xero

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