Use Synder to connect IntegraPay with your accounting company for data synchronization. Synder will import all the sales, fees and refunds from IntegraPay into QuickBooks or Xero with taxes, items, customer names and other details which will help you to avoid manual data entry.

Connecting your accounting company

You can skip this step if you already have an accounting company (QuickBooks Online, Xero, QuickBooks Desktop) connected. If you don’t, here is how to connect an accounting company:

  1. Click Plus in the upper right corner → Add QuickBooks/Xero company.
  2. Select a company you’d like to add.
  3. Grant permissions to Synder.

Connecting IntegraPay

After connecting your accounting company, you will be led to Step 2: Connecting your Payment Platform.

Select IntegraPay in the dropdown.

You will be prompted to fill in your Business ID, API Username and API password so as to let Synder see and synchronize your transactions. 

You can find your Business ID in the Business Details section of your IntegraPay Online website.

While other details are to be requested from the IntegraPay support team. Please reach out to them to obtain the API Username and API password. Once you receive these please enter them to the corresponding fields and continue the setup. 

Initial Setup and Import

On Step 3, you will be presented with a pop-up window where you can quickly configure the most important settings: where your individual sales transactions will go to and where your settlements will be transferred, as well as set up automatic synchronization and a couple of other options.

Standard setup

You can click I’m ok to start if you are okay with this configuration or Go step-by-step if you’d like to tailor the settings from the start. Remember that you can always adjust your Synder settings later.

As for the settings the most important things to know are as follows:

  • Synder will create a clearing account called “IntegraPay Bank Account” in your chart of accounts and all the individual sales, fees, refunds will be stored there, the same way your IntegraPay stores money before the settlement.
  • Once IntegraPay makes a payout (settlement) to your bank, Synder will record the transfer for the same amount from the clearing account to your checking, which you need to select in the settings page for smooth reconciliation.

Check whether taxes are enabled here, this way you will make sure Synder is going to record sales taxes reflected in IntegraPay to the proper tax fields in your QuickBooks or Xero for correct tax reporting. Auto-sync for ongoing transactions is enabled by default.

You can enable generic item or customer, apply generic taxes for sales or fees, assign QBO classes or locations, enable multicurrency and many more. Learn more about settings in this guide. 

That’s it, you’ve successfully connected your IntegraPay account to Synder! Enjoy the ride!

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