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What We Are Reading This Week - May 1, 2020

Business special

Read today’s digest to learn all about the best credit cards for small businesses, read about the impact of the pandemic on different industries, and check yourself on knowing the essentials of sales tax. 

1. The vertical coronavirus pandemic

By Ranica ArrowsmithDanielle LeeSean McCabe

In many ways coronavirus has impacted every single industry, but a surprising number of them are coming across very unique issues. This article looks at four niches: grocery stores, restaurants, religious organizations, and aviation and the pandemic impact on them.


2. 5 Essentials every e-commerce seller should know about sales tax

By Veronica Wasek

Many businesses have recently started going into e-commerce, but there are important details that cannot go unmissed. Take a look at this article to see whether you are up-to-date on all things sales tax you should now. 


3. 10 Best Small Business Credit Cards May 2020

By Jordan Tarver

Check out the best credit cards for small businesses to keep you going during these hard times, and saving as much as you can. We recommend learning more about this important topic, as business credit cards can save you a lot of money with all the rewards and benefits it offers. 


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Fanya Becker

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