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Good Journey Needs Good Preparation

  Last week our CloudBusiness team went on a fabulous regatta. We thought of doing it because besides being incredibly fun and engaging, being out in the waters brings everyone together as well as serves as a reminder on how to achieve our goals – keyword perseverance!

  Having taken tons of extra measures to stay warm (hello October) the CloudBusiness team arrived at a nearby regatta center last Sunday morning. The regatta, one of the largest and most prestigious in the world, marks the climax of the team’s fall racing season. At the end of this winter, we would like to take part in a Grand regatta competition. Thus, we are preparing right now - as good journey needs good preparation.

  After a short theoretical sailing course, we were split into crews of 5–6 people, and were ready to race for the crown of the best of the best, while the other half of the team opted for spending a night in front of a cozy fireplace – and who can blame them? It got pretty cold out there in the open waters!

  Meet our fabulous regatta crew! See who made it and who has tested the waters (metaphorically of course!)

Team #1

Team #2

Team #3

Team #4

  When we started the race the water and wind were calm and peaceful. However, it was getting windier by the minute – and our team found it even more exciting. We love such adventures! After two hours of the race, we all came to the finish line with overwhelmed emotions from this race.

And here is the winner – team #2, and the exciting moment of hearing the bell and understanding that they made it!

Even though the team number 2 has beautifully won, we all together conquered the wind and the sea on that day!

CloudBusiness team
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Sasha Miller

Sasha Miller

Sasha is a Digital Marketing Specialist with a background in business automation. She is experienced in content marketing and demand generation and is passionate about helping others grow their marketing know-how.

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