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Smart accountant is an informed accountant and today there is no better way to stay ahead in the game other than following the best in business: popular accountants writing blogs. 

Today we are going to write about 5 best accounting blogs and the reasons we love them.


Why we love it: We love this blog because of how dedicated they are to thorough research and the variety of subjects they cover (e-commerce, inventory, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, tax software and more). While they are focusing on QuickBooks with a lot of training videos and tutorials, their articles will be helpful for many accountants, not necessarily working with QuickBooks. 

Our favorite articlesIRS Form 1099 Reporting for Small Business OwnersInventory Accounting: Definition, Methods & Examples.


Why we love it: One of our favorite blogs, accounting web is a great resource point for anyone working in accounting. The articles and neatly organized by categories (Technology, Practice, Tax, A&A, and Community) as well as sub-categories (Excel, Trends, Accounting Software; Clients, Growth, Team, Practice Excellence; Sales Tax, IRS, Individuals, Business Tax; Standards, Auditing, Law and Enforcement and more). 

Our favorite articlesWhy Economic Nexus isn’t Just for Sales TaxIt’s September: Have You Checked with Clients About Their Taxes Yet?


Why we love it: Accountex Report is a great platform, combining fresh updates and advise on top accounting software, helpful tips for small business as well as guidance for managing a successful accounting practice. The authors behind it are themselves industry leaders, making this a wonderful source for staying up to date.

Our favorite articles: Accounting in 2019: changing priorities, Xero Primer (Parts 1 and 2).


Why we love it: we love this blog primarily for their outstanding expertise in QuickBooks Online. If you ever have any questions on how to do virtually anything connected to QBO, there are very high chances you are going to find FREE quality resource help here.

Our favorite articles: Over 75 QuickBooks Online training, tutorials, and videosThe worst mistakes business owners can make with QuickBooks Online bank feeds


Why we love it: Last but not least is one of our favorite places to look for accounting insights — Firm of the Future. This Intuit platform provides help to a general pool of accountants with their expertise in tax management and deep involvement in the industry. 

Our favorite articles: Top issues related to tax year 2018 extensions3 Simple Ways to Manage Tax Season

Tell us about your favorite accounting blog in the comments below.

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