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About Synder Team

Our team was fascinated by the technology behind business automation tools and accounting, so we thought, why not build a powerful blog to share our expertise? Thus, we are sharing the best automation cases and expertise from accountants and business experts!

Synder is an app that helps businesses close the accounting period with 100% accuracy! Synder automatically imports online payments into accounting software, categorizes data, allows to receive Credit Card payments from QuickBooks invoices, and prepares data for a perfect reconciliation. 

It’s developed in the “Silicon Valley” of Europe, Belarus. The country has become one of the largest and most recognized innovation hubs on the continent. This way, by keeping up with technology, the Synder team has created a great, award-winning app for businesses and accountants around the world! We are located in Minsk, Belarus, and Dover, United States. 

Pure facts about the team and its expertise:

In 2017 we were marked by Intuit and have been invited to QuickBooks office in California to join the devs council, a limited group of 3rd party developers that are influencing the QuickBooks marketplace. We are a regular participant of QuickBooks Connect exhibitions, as well as other important events for Accountants where we discuss new ideas and future development of our apps with our customers, CPAs, and small businesses in the accounting sphere.

Want to enable Online Sales?

Sing in to Synder to streamline online payments and automate bookkeeping.