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3 Tips to Increase the Number of Clients for your Practice

Whether you are an Accountan with your own accounting practice, business owner, or freelancer, these tips have proved its efficiency for many spheres.

One of the recent trends is that accountants are leaving small firms to establish smaller practices with teams of 5 or less. In fact, over 70% of accountants prefer to work in small teams. Yet, according to Benchmarking Report, there is a high correlation between team numbers and client numbers, which does not need to be that co-related in the age of digital automation.

Let’s take a look at what smaller practices can do to make sure that their quantity does not mean smaller client numbers:

Step 1: Go niche.

Go niche. Niche doesn’t mean small. It means focused. Choosing your preferred accounting software and advertising it specifically, working with restaurants or educational institutions — advertise what you do best instead of telling your potential clients too much, yet too little. 

Step 2: Be where you audience is.

Leave marketing for the rainy days. Be where your audience is. If you target retail, join retail groups on Facebook and Twitter. Educate. Show your potential clients how much you can teach them about THEIR business. Invest in yourself by taking a course on online sales — by speaking the language of your customers, you will attract them much easier and will keep them longer.

Step 3: Monetize your time.

Monetize your time. Time is your most precious commodity. Use this great exercise to make sure you are getting the most of it.

You are going to learn a lot about yourself. 

Bonus: look for trends. 

If you tend to spend 3 hours each week on PayPal data entry into QuickBooks —  take a look at good solutions at with the best reviews. 

If you are drowning in the sea of expenses — choose an expense management app that will do it for you.

Once you know your cost of performing each task, you will see how much you are willing to pay for a good, proven app to do that for you instead. You will save so much money by automating tasks that need to be automated and leaving expert tasks for yourself and your team.

Going niche, getting to know your clients and automating what should be automated will most definitely increase both the quantity and the quality of your clients and the work you can offer to them.

Did you recently open your own accounting practice? What helps you help others? Let us know in the comments below.

Fanya Becker

Fanya Becker

Fanya is passionate about smart automation solutions and is always looking for the next big thing. In her spare time she enjoys playing tennis and making delicious smoothies.

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