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11 Facts about Synder — an App to Sync PayPal, Stripe and Square With QuickBooks Online

1. It is an app that can automatically send over your online transactions to QuickBooks Online.

2. Synder supports PayPal, Stripe and Square.

3. Synder can track all sales and expense-related transactions coming in and going out from your connected accounts.

4. Choose between manually selecting the transactions you would like to sync with QuickBooks or simply set it on auto-sync, which will automatically sync your incoming transactions without ever needing to open the app again


5. PayPal, Square and Stripe fees are accounted for. An expense is created in your designated QuickBooks expense line account.

6. Synder sends the transactions over to QuickBooks, preparing your checking account for the reconciliation, updating product income account and expense line account.

7. Besides updating the balance, Synder automatically creates invoices, sales receipts, payments, deposits, refund receipts, customers and vendors.

8. You can connect as many PayPal, Square and Stripe accounts and QuickBooks Online companies as you like. You only pay for the syncs you need.

9. There is no time limit on how far back you can sync from.

10. We support multicurrency! If you are getting paid in several currencies, this is the perfect app for you to automate your online accounting.

11. The app has rules to help you categorize your expenses to a different account. Using this tool, you will be able to categorize expenses in QuickBooks Online automatically, so no manual editing is needed any longer. By adding specific conditions, you may differentiate between your expenses and apply them to different accounts.

Use the free trial to test the app and then choose between our two payment models: pay as you go and subscription based.

Have you tried Business Payments? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Fanya Becker

Fanya Becker

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