All businesses face the processing refunds or chargebacks at some point. Likewise your sales transactions, with the help of Synder you can sync also your refunds and chargebacks using Stripe, Square and PayPal. 


  1. How to sync your refunds
  2. How to sync chargebacks
  3. Where you can see the results on QuickBooks side

1. How to sync your refunds 

Login Synder app and click on Transactions left hand side menu. You can see in the transaction type column refund.

You can filter all your transactions by type to see all of them. 

Synder Transactions left hand side menu

Tick the transactions you want to Sync, click on batch actions and choose sync. When you refresh the page your refunds will be in your QuickBooks. 

Tick the transactions you want to Sync in Synder menu

The original payment details from Stripe side for refund transactions.

original payment details from Stripe side for refund transactions

2. How to sync your chargebacks

Please note, that only when your dispute is over Synder will be able to process the chargeback transaction (as a regular refund)  and the fees. For that you will need to:

1 – roll back the transaction that was disputed (only if it was previously synced)

2 – go to Import Old Transactions left menu tab and import the transactions for the period including the chargeback to update the information about this transaction in Synder app

3 – sync your transaction with fees 

synced transaction with fees

3. Where can you find the synced refunds on QuickBooks side

 Synder transfers your refunds to QuickBooks and creates a refund receipt automatically. Go to the clearing account of Chart of Accounts to check your refund, or click Sync status in the app to open the transaction via the Synder log. 

how the synced refunds looks on QuickBooks side

Congratulations, now you are an expert in syncing your refund transactions with Synder. 


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