How can I get a refund?

According to our Terms and Conditions once the purchase is made, it is final and non refundable, as a free trial is provided to test the app with no credit card information required. Feel free to reach out to support to address the team with any question to make informed decisions.

How to transfer a Synder app account to another user?

You would need to disconnect your Synder account from payment and accounting systems first, then another user will be able to connect and set up integration on one’s end. Based on your plan there might be an option to add a person as a sub user to your current account, if you do not want another user to go through the setup. If you need to transfer the subscription as well, contact the support team.

Can my customers pay me with Stripe/PayPal/Square through your app?

If you have Stripe or Square connected, you will be able to send QuickBooks invoices or create new invoices with an option to get paid via credit card, as well as use the instant checkout link to charge your clients directly through Synder. For other processors, the app will only bring data from the payment processor into your accounting system.

What do I do if some transactions are missing in Synder app?

If you are missing some transactions do the following:
1) Make sure you have the payment platform account needed connected to Synder
2) Go to Import Old Transactions tab (left-hand side menu) and import missing transactions from the payment processor for the dates needed. Check out more information in this guide.

How to link bank feed deposits to created invoices/sales receipts to reconcile?

You don’t have to link individual sales transactions to bank feed records manually when using Synder. In order to reconcile make sure you have synced your Payouts (money transfers to your bank) which will ensure that a “Match”/”Confirm” button appears in your Bank Feeds for you to click on (not “Add”). That’s it, the rest is done automatically.
You will be able to see sales/fees transactions in the clearing account in the Chart of Accounts (i.e. “Stripe Bank Account”).

Once the payouts are synced, you will see that your Bank Feed reconciliation is ready, just confirm the prematched options.

What to do if syncs fail?

In order to fix the failed sync, first of all, click the person icon on the top right corner of Synder -> My Profile, click Actions button next to your Accounting Company name and click Reconnect. Go back to the transactions list and sync failed transactions again.
If you have failed status again contact the support team through the in-app support chat or search the knowledge base.