1. Checkout pages feature in Synder
  2. How to help your customers to pay for your services

Checkout pages feature in Synder

First of all make sure you have connected your QuickBooks online company and your Stripe account. This will give you the opportunity to send the link to your customers to pay your 

How to help to your customers to pay your services

  To enable this feature, please go to the Online Payment tab and choose Checkout Payments (2). Then, click on New Checkout Page (3)

After that, please set the currency (1) ,  select customer notes and Billing address if it is necessary and put  the amount you would like to charge (2). Update the settings for checkouts. services instantly. Moreover, you will see this payment, on your QBO side. 

You may click on preview (6) to see the way your customer will see the payment page. 

You can copy-paste the link and insert it on your website (7), or you can send this link via email to your customer directly (8). 

You will be redirected to your email page, where you can send the email to your customer with the link to pay that will be in your email. Just enter the subject and the email of the customer.

Create Checkout Pages


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