In this guide, you will be able to learn how to connect your QuickBooks Online company to Synder.

There are 2 ways to find Synder app:

  • Yours Apps in your QuickBooks account
  • Directly at the Synder site (sign in with your Intuit account)

Find connection to your company:

connect QuickBooks Online to Synder Settings Tab
Grant Permission to the app to connect QuickBooks Online to Synder

Connect as many companies as needed

The number of the companies you can connect to your Business Payments account is unlimited.
To add new company, go to Plus icon at upper right corner, then click on Add Accounting Company.

go to Plus icon at upper right corner to add a new company

Authorize sharing of the data between Intuit and Business Payments. You may start syncing transactions to a new company now!

In case you have any questions you are welcome to contact the support team via our in-app online support chat or by email listed in the page footer.
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