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Who stands behind Synder – an online payments and finance management solution? The app is the flagship product of CloudBusiness Inc – a team of enthusiastic professionals, fascinated by finance, technology, and all the great alchemy that comes out of uniting these components. 

Working together to make Synder rock, we constantly learn, explore, ask questions, and get answers, sometimes unexpected. And this pays off, as today, Synder is among the top-rated applications on the QuickBooks marketplace, Capterra, and Trustpilot. The team participated and won the London Small Biz Hackathon 2018 with a business workflow automation app and was among the Top-10 QuickBooks App Showdown finalists of the 2018-2019 years.

In Synder Blog, we want to share our expertise, opinions, and everything that inspires us. We hope our knowledge and work will help business people, bookkeepers, accountants and other specialists find useful tips on business and finance management, accounting practice improvement, handy tech solutions, and more.

So, look who’s making the Synder blog:

Michael Astreiko
CEO & Founder at CloudBuisness Inc.
Specializes in finance, technology, and business management.

Ilya Kisel
COO at CloudBusiness Inc. 
Specializes in business/product management and marketing.

Volha Belakurskaja
Content Editor/Writer at CloudBusiness Inc. 
Specializes in business growth and management.
Read Volha’s articles.

Fanya Becker
Content Writer at CloudBusiness Inc.
Specializes in bookkeeping/accounting practice management and technology.
Read Fanya’s articles.

Sasha Miller
SEO and Digital Marketing Specialist at CloudBusiness Inc. 
Specializes in marketing topics.
Read Alexandra’s articles.

Constantin O’Hara
Digital Marketing Manager at CloudBusiness Inc.
Specializes in business growth and technology.
Read Constantin’s articles

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